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Originally Posted by Scotsman Elite View Post
This guide is amazing, thank you very much AceX. Really appreciate the hours you've put into these videos.

I am stuck at Hidden Orb number 137 (#137 in your videos)
It's in the video entitled "Crackdown: Hidden Orb Guide - Shai-Gen - Part 3"
It's also the second orb you collect in that video.

You jumped onto a statue right next to the pillar, where the orb is located. You then jumped, threw an object and it appeared to have given you a boost toward the orb and you obtained it.

I have tried this method and have never been able to boost like you did. How did you manage that? I can't seem to get this orb any other way.
I even tried jumping from the top of Wang's Tower and landing on the pillar, but to no avail.

Any help given toward this orb is appreciated,

Yeah man..that orb is a real pain even with keys to the city..but wut you have to do is have a fully upgraded SUV car line it up to the pole and take another medium size car and throw it on top of the SUV..if you have a 4 star agility rating than you might be able to get it.

If that doesn't work you may need to stack one more car or if you have a friend with you via XBL and get 2 four-star SUVs and stack up

if you need help on the Jump Glitch,

Lift an object. Jump with the A button. At the height of your jump, press RT to throw the object and immediately press and hold the A button to do a double jump.
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