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Originally Posted by MEA7HOOK View Post
Thanks a ton dude. I've done 2 playthroughs and have ended up with 299 both times. Do you know if there's an orb that disappears or something depending on your progress - like if you kill a certain boss or something? I haven't looked at the videos yet, so the answer may be in there, but I will be putting them to use soon.
No, I dont think ne of the orbs disappear but something that relates to something like that would be the statue on top of the mountain in the Los Muertos territory near the stadium. It disappears when you eliminate the crime in that area..but I would definitely just restart the game and use guide I have on youtube to avoid the frustration or you can use the guide with your 299 orbs and watch the vids up until you find it which could be a bit tedious
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