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Originally Posted by mailmanchris View Post
My son got the 'cheev during Tug of War. He got 100% and it popped. (Damn me, I missed one note and didn't get it) This might be a glitch but it makes things 50% easier since you only do half the song and solo's are a breeze....

EDIT: This is confirmed! I did it myself playing Tug of War against no one on my other guitar (and by some luck I won too...)

The song We Got The Beat has a total note count of 482, but on Tug of War it's only 346. I had 100% so it gave me the cheev.

It is also CONFIRMED to work for the Bass, Vocals and Drum achievements.
(It makes Silver and So Watcha Want even easier than before)

Easy gs for all....

I did this one last night on guitar and bass, works like a champ.
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