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You can do this leaving your Xbox just have to finagle it a bit more. What the is between VCTF and CTF and Warfare as far as the AI is beyond me. Here's the set-up you need to use...
  • Sandstorm
  • 10 Captures
  • 10 Minutes
  • Speed Freak and No Super Power-Ups Mutators ON
Now, this may work on other maps like Suspense, but oddly enough I've had better luck with Sandstorm. Make sure you set it to 10 captures because I think something about the AI compels them not to shut you out so make their goal larger. 10 minutes should be enough time for three or four grabs when they want to do it. And that's key...they won't always grab three even with these settings so you may need to do this several nights before you get it, but you will get it.

Turn on Speed Freak for obvious reasons but turning on no supers will prevent the guy slated to capture your flag from grabbing the redeamer. Because it always seems to be the flag runner who grabs it and then gets stuck somewhere because he can't jump out and he wont fire the gun until he sees you.

Give this set-up a try, watch a game or two and let me know what it does for you. Good luck!
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