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In my experience, with the warrior and archer at least, the 'best' item of each kind seems to stop at 96,000G in the shops. There seems to be a best armor, best helmet, best shield (warrior only)
for the warrior i already have...

Artemis' Chestpiece (armor):
def: 55
mdef: 27
cost: 96,000

Emerald Aegis (shield):
def: 18
mdef: 12
cost: 90,000

Warlord's Battlehelm of Doom (helmet):

def: 19
mdef: 0
cost: 91,000

and for my weapon...

Warlord's Fiery Blade (sword):
25-51 MAGIC
cost: 96,000

and there has to be at least 2 or 3 more missions. i'm about to do the mission where you save the towns lieutenants. i'll post again after i've beat the game but i hope i haven't already gotten the best weapons and armor. the shop hasn't been offering me anything new though... and i've had the sword, the helmet and the chest piece for at least a couple missions if not more.
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