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Combat Achievements

The Black Knight -
Shoot the weapons from a hollow man's hands, blow off his head and then kill him for good!

Harder and easier than it sounds. Firstly, you need to upgrade your Skill, Dexetrous Styles to Level 4 which awards you with the Sub Targeting skill. Then, when you see a Hollow Man, step back and press and hold Y to lock on, then press the Left Trigger to select the body parts. Once you’ve shot off his weapons, left and right. Go for a head shot to get this achievement.

The Duellist -
String together a full-speed chain attack, or see another Hero do so.

Firstly, you'll need to level up Skill > Speed to level 5 (although it appears this is not a necessity) and then you'll need to level up Strength to at least Brutal Styles 3 (Chain Attacks). Then find some space, I recommend the shore line in the Bower Lake region.

Once you have all that, all that this requires is around a chain of 5 chain attacks. A chain attack is an attack that rolls off the last attack, so pressing X at the peak of the previous swing will unleash a chain attack, which is indicated by the blue swing. You need to chain 5 of these together, one after another for the achievement.

I say around, because sometimes it didn't register that I did that many. In fact, previous to my attempt for the achievement, I did 6 together, but when I got it, I chained together 9 but got it after the 5th.

The Sharpshooter - 10
Hit three enemies with one shot, or see another Hero do so.

It can be quite tricky this one. You only need to hit them and not kill them, so it's best to move in to a position where you can channel them through a door or something. Best with bandits in some of the dungeons you trawl through. Of course, you'll need to use one of the blunderbuss guns ... Try a master or steel if at all possible. It took me one and a half playthroughs to get this and I got it by luck in the end, but my second playthrough was as an agile, gun specialist. So try that.

If that doesn't work, Xerofox suggests doing the "Treasure Island of Doom" mission and waiting till you fight the Captain on the ship and running up the stairs and shooting an arrow from the crossbow in to the crowd of ghost pirates that will rush up the stairs.

If all else fails, try the Crucible and on the Hollow Man stage, run around, get them all to respawn and back in to a corner and shoot like crazy. One of those three methods should help you get this achievement.

The Archmage - 10
A Hero must kill five human enemies with one spell.

There isn't much a level 4 or 5 Inferno spell won't demolish. Notice it says humans so beetles aren't an option. Level up to 4 or 5 as quick as you can and then when you get to the Spire on the way to securing the services of the second hero, you'll be best placed for this achievement. There you are attacked by swarms of human guards and even better is, Garth acts as a decoy. Simply charge up to 5 if possible by holding down the spell and then when there are 5 in the circle, let go and unleash hell.

The Teaser
- 5
Make bandits respond to expressions with fear, anger, mirth, and confusion... during combat!

Considering this is only a 5 point achievement, it's actually one of the trickiest in the game. We're not sure why ... Maybe it has something to do with successfully getting a bad guy to respond to 4 different category expressions while he's trying to rip you limb from limb. Nevertheless, there are 3 distinct strategies to use to get it and we'll start with the easiest out the 3.

Strategy 1 - The Fairfax Castle Strategy - Fairly simple in the end, but tough to get to. In order to do this strategy, you must have completed the game and amassed 1 million in gold to buy the Fairfax Castle. After buying the castle and sleeping in the bed one night, the place will be invaded by bandits. Firstly, you must fight your way down to the Throne room and clear the room of all but one bandit (preferably the small weak ones and one that uses a sword and not a gun). Then position yourself behind the throne and there is a place there where for some reason (call it glitchy AI) the bandit will not attack and will just stand there. When you have that sweet spot, stand, make sure he is targeted (red glow) and then use of of the 4 expression types on him (Fun, Flirt, Rude & Scary), one after another. Each one he should respond with a short quip to it and on the fourth the achievement should unlock.

Strategy 2 - The Weaponless Bandit Strategy - Firstly, get down a pack of bandits to the final one and you'll need to shoot his weapons away from his without killing him ... use a weak gun may help? When you do, he'll be swinging his fists around but his reach won't be as good. While he's doing that, get a little distance and use one of all 4 expression types (Fun, Flirt, Rude & Scary) and on the fourth, the achievement should unlock.

Strategy 3 - The Bandit & The Tree Strategy - Tricky, but possible out in the woods (Brightwood maybe). What you need to do is position a tree or clump of trees inbetween you and a bandit, so much that he literally tries to go through the tree to get you. When he's doing that, make sure he is targeted (red glow) and then use of of the 4 expression types on him (Fun, Flirt, Rude & Scary), one after another. Each one he should respond with a short quip to it and on the fourth the achievement should unlock.

Seems a lot for 5 points, but completionists will want to nail this bad boy. It also appears that it doesn't have to be done on the same bandit, so if you must, chose 4 different ones.

Animal Achievements

The Pooch Pamperer
- 5
Play fetch with your dog, or see another Hero's dog play.

So long as you have a rubber ball, you can play fetch with the dog. Bring up the expression wheel, go to Dog> Fetch to get this achievement. If you need a ball, try the general shop on the East Side of the Bowerstone Market bridge.

The Archaeologist -
Dig up something the dog has discovered, or see another Hero do so.

For this one, make sure you have a spade. I'm fairly sure you get one anyway, but if not, try the general shop on the East Side of the Bowerstone Market bridge. Then, when your dog barks and it says "Dig Spot" above him, turn to face him and let him guide you to that spot. Once there, stand above him and press down on the D-pad.

The Dog Trainer -
Teach your dog a trick, or see another Hero's dog learn one.

This will drop with the story no doubt as you find treasure and use the books inside. If not, go to the book shop in Bowerstone Market and buy one of the many dog trick books on sale. To use it, go to Start>Items>Books/Documents and then press A.

The Chicken Kicker - 5
Kick a chicken a good distance, or see one getting kicked.

I'm presuming 10 feet is the distance here as I kicked chickens for ages getting 7,8 and 9 yards but it finally unlocked at 11 yards. This is obtainable as soon as you start the game, but if like me, you were having trouble getting it,; up your strength stats so you can kick the blighter further. Chickens can be found in Oakfield and the Gypsy Camp, amongst other places. To kick a chicken, simply press the A button when close to one.

The Hunter
- 5
Kill a sweet, innocent, fluffy bunny rabbit (remember, safety's off!)

Short and sweet one this. Find a bunny, get the expression wheel up, click the skull to turn the safety off and fire the little bugger with Y. Rabbits can be found mostly in the Bower Lake region and in the fields at Oakfield.

Marge: Have you noticed any change in Bart
Homer: New glasses?
Marge: Noooo... He looks like something maybe disturbing him
Homer: Probably misses his old glasses
Marge: We could get more involved in Bart's activities, but then I'd be afraid of smothering him
Homer: Yeah, and then we'd get the chair.
Marge: That's not what I meant!
Homer: It was Marge, admit it.

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