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Personality Achievements

The Hero of Many Names -
Change your Hero's title, or see another Hero change theirs.

Fairly simple achievement here. All you need to do is seek the help of a "Town Crier" and pay a small fee for a new title. You'll start out as Sparrow, so you need to change it to something else. Town Criers can be found in Oakfield and Bowerstone Market, so head there. Sometimes, you don't even need to pay and your renown and acts will unlock free ones.

The Paragon - 15
Reach 100% good or evil, or see another Hero do so.

Notice the word "or" here. Your choice. Either be ridiculously good which involves saving people, do what would be the "right" choice and acting as a righteous hero (try donating money to the Temple of Light), or be bad to the bone and this can be done by killing innocents and town guards, choosing the evil choices in the two choice quests and easily by joining the Temple of Shadows and sacrificing villagers (easiest way).

To get more good points: Eat tofu, accept gifts, free slaves, play the lute, donate to the Temple of Light, donate gold to beggars (a gift of 200k gold gives you 2,000 good points which is enough to go from 100% bad to 100% good!).

To get more bad points: Kill guards, steal, sacrifice people in the Temple of Shadows.

The Extremist -
Reach 100% purity or corruption, or see another Hero do so.

Again, either or. I personally found the easiest way to get this was by buying property and either jumping the rent up 100% (corrupt) or letting folks live there free (pure). Obviously, jumping the rent up 100% means you can get more money and more houses and get there quicker. Remember, it pays to be bad.

Other ways to affect the scale are as follows (list non exhaustive):

To get more purity - Protected sex, eating fruits and vegetables.

To get more corruption - Unprotected sex, bigamy, sleep for 7 days.

The Celebrity - 50
Reach 50,000 renown, or see another Hero do so.

All quests shell out renown points, so do as many as you can. Quests later on in the game obviously get tougher and net more points, 50,000 isn't really that much when considering some of the later quests are worth 5k plus. Here's a list of worthwhile renown quests which give loads of renown and become available after you’ve achieved the Hero of Will achievement that is tied to the story:

- Westcliffe Development – Renown 1500 (will cost you an initial 5k in gold though but you’ll get it back)
- Hobbe Squaters – Renown Reward 3500
- The Blind Date – Renown Reward 3500

The following will become available at some point after you travel through Wraithmarsh:

- Treasure Island of Doom! – Renown 7500
- T.O.B.Y – Renown 4000 (Bloodstone)
- Love Hurts – Renown 8500 (Bowerstone Cemetary)
- Evil in Wrathmarsh – Renown 4000
- Something Rotten – Renown 3500 (Rookridge Inn)
- Brightwood Tower – Renown 3000
- Rescuing Charlie – Renown 5000

Completing the game is worth 10k renown as well, so bear that in mind.

The Completionist
- 50
Get all expressions, pet tricks and abilities, or see another Hero do so.

There are a lot of expressions, dog tricks and abilities to unlock in Fable 2 which makes this a tough achievement. If not the toughest in the game.

There appears to be 33 slots to fill (7 Rude, 7 Scary, 5 Social, 7 Fun and 7 Flirty), they are as follows.

Rude - Play Dead, Kiss My Ass, Chicken, Beg, Point & Laugh, Middle Finger and Vulgar Thrust.
Scary - Slap, Growl, Threaten, Scary Laugh, Feign Attack, Bloodlust Roar, Extort
Social - Follow, Dismiss, Lute, Trophy, Apologise
Fun - Dance, "Hat, Headband, Moustache" , Fart, Sock Puppet, Laugh, Belch, Victory Arm Pump
Flirt - Worship, Come Back To My Place, Pick Up Line, Blow Kiss, Seduce, Whistle, Heroic Pose.

As for the dog, he needs to learn:

Combat & Treasure Hunting to 5 star, Roll Over, Chase Tail, Play Dead, Beg, Backflip, Bunny Hop, Wave, Hide Snout, Growl, Targeted Urination.

All the expressions are as follows:

Rude -
Play Dead = Bowerstone Market Book Store ("Dead Handy")
Kiss My Ass =
Earned at 20,000 Renown
Chicken = You start the game with this.
Beg =
Learned during Adolescence
Point & Laugh = You start the game with this.
Middle Finger = Bowerstone Market Book Store ("The Finger")
Vulgar Thrust = Bowerstone Market Book Store ("The Perv's Handbook")

Scary -
Slap = You start the game with this
Growl = You start the game with this
Threaten =
Learn at 50% evil morality
Scary Laugh =
Learned at 10,000 renown
Bloodlust Roar = You start the game with this
Extort = Learned at 100% evil morality
Feign Attack = and take the right crown at the end.

Social -
Follow = Learned at 100 renown
Dismiss = Learned at 100 renown
Lute = Bowerstone Market General Store
Trophy = Earnt from quests.
Apologize =
Learned at 25% good morality
Dog Praise/Thumbs Up = Learned during Childhood
Dog Scold/Thumbs Down = Learned during Childhood
Gift =
Learned during Adolescence

Fun -
Dance = You start the game with this.
Hat, Headband, Moustache =
Win playing Pub Games on Xbox Live Arcade
Fart = You start the game with this.
Sock Puppet = Bowerstone Market Book Store ("Sock It To 'Em")
Laugh =
Learned at 50% good morality
Belch = Bowerstone Market Book Store ("Belching For Beginners")
Victory Arm Pump = You start the game with this.

Flirt -
Worship = Bowerstone Market Book Store (Book of Workship) - Upstairs in bookcase (may need to purchase).
Come Back To My Place = Bowerstone Market book store ("Come Hither Dear")
Pick Up Line = You start the game with this.
Blow Kiss =
Learned at 2,500 renown
Seduce = Bowerstone Market Book Store ("The Art of Seduction")
and/or "Till Death Do Us Part" quest
Whistle = You start the game with this.
Heroic Pose = You start the game with this.

And for the do

Combat - 5 star = All books to upgrade can be bought from the Bowerstone Market Book Store.
Treasure Hunting -5 star = All books to upgrade can be bought from the Bowerstone Market Book Store.
Roll Over = Bowerstone Market Book Store ("Dog Tricks! Roll Over")
Chase Tail = Bowerstone Market Book Store ("Dog Tricks! Tail Chase
Play Dead =
In a chest in Bowerstone Cemetery
Beg = Bowerstone Market Book Store ("Dog tricks! Begging")
Backflip =
Win a 2-star Fortune's Tower Tourny in Xbox Life Arcade Pug Games
Bunny Hop = Can be found in a silver key treasure chest (requires 1 key)by the Bower Lake Demon Door.
Wave = Bought from the Bowerstone Market Book Store ("Dog Tricks! The Wave")
Hide Snout = Bowerstone Market Book Store ("Dog Tricks! Hide Snout")
and/or random NPC, Gift, Dig Site or chest
Growl =
In a chest in Gargoyle Trove (must do the Gargoyle Quest)
Targeted Urination = Bowerstone Market Book Store ("Dog Tricks! Targeted Urination")

NOTE - If the books aren't there when you go to the Book Store, try again later on in the story, please don't ask, "why isn't this there?". The appearance of books seems to be random. Try buying everything and then going back later if all else fails.

Then finally, to finish, you have to max all your attributes out (Skill, Strength and Will). This is a lot of grinding, if unlike me, you have the Temple of Light still available, sizeable donations could help speed this process up. If not, try and buy the Thunder Strength Potion, Expert Skill Potion, Undiluted Will Potion and the Pure Experience potion for around 10,000 gold, but they give you 62k experience each.

If you are unfortunate to have stepped down the road to darkness early on and have no Temple of Light to donate to, then a good strategy is to buy a Thunder Strength Potion, Expert Skill Potion, Undiluted Will Potion and the Pure Experience Potion from the Bowerstone Market Alchemist and then run to the inn (or your house) and sleep for a week. You must have gold to burn to do this though



Marge: Have you noticed any change in Bart
Homer: New glasses?
Marge: Noooo... He looks like something maybe disturbing him
Homer: Probably misses his old glasses
Marge: We could get more involved in Bart's activities, but then I'd be afraid of smothering him
Homer: Yeah, and then we'd get the chair.
Marge: That's not what I meant!
Homer: It was Marge, admit it.

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