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Social Achievements

The Persuader -
Convince a villager to give you a present, or see another Hero do so.

This is a fairly simple achievement. There are times in the game where villagers will want to give you gifts. Maybe some food or a discount. If this is one of those times, a symbol will appear above their head, if it's greyed out, you'll have to socialise with them to get it coloured. As soon as it is, you can press A to receive the gift.

The Show-off -5
Impress a villager with a perfect expression, or see another Hero do so.

The perfect expressions revolves around the extended expression aspect. To perform one, find someone, target them with the Left Trigger and then click Y to find their likes. If they like Dancing, go to the Expression Wheel, choose, Fun, then Dancing, but instead of pressing it once, hold it down and release when the moving scale is on green.

The Romantic - 10
Take a villager on a perfect date, or tag along to one. Location and expressions are all-important.

Location and expressions indeed. Simply target (left trigger) and press Y to find out their perfect spot, perfect expression or perfect gift. Some show them, some don't, so find someone that shows the place and expression. Then, get them to follow you there; it might take a bit of groundwork to get them there and be careful of the sexes issue (women might not like women), but once there, perform the perfect expression (see The Show Off) and if that doesn't work, give them their perfect gift. I personally got it with just the place and expression.

The Spouse - 10
Marry a villager, or attend the wedding of another Hero.

Simple ... Get hitched. All it takes is the same monotonous usage of their favourite expression, preferably perfect with the odd switch around and then a ring. The success of the star rating of the ring value depends on the target of your affections. Whore's will accept 1 star and upper class will insist on 5 star. Once they've taken the ring, you'll need to attach them to a house. So that means, a.) buying one and then b.) getting them to follow you to the house and then clicking on the sign out the front and selecting "Set as Marital Home".

The Parent -
Have a child, or be there for the birth of another Hero's child.

Simply perform "The Spouse" and then woo her upstairs for some unprotected sex. If you are having trouble bedding her, try buying the Come Hither Dear book from Bowerstone Market's book shop.

The Bigamist -
Get married a second time, whilst already married, or attend the second wedding of another Hero.

Perform "The Spouse" twice, but do it in different regions. I found that having a wife in Oakfield out the way in a cottage worked and then marrying a whore in Bloodstone because they are hella easy to woo.

The Swinger -
Take part in a debauched bedroom party with several participants.

Hookers are the way forward here, so Bloodstone seems like the best bet. When they proposition you, simply give them the Thumbs Up or even better, use the Come Back to My Place expression. Do that to 2 ... or even 3 if you must and then find a bed, whether it be a house you've purchased or an inn; it works. It only takes 3 to get this achievement, you and two others.

The Rogue -
Steal something undetected from a building while there are people nearby, or see another Hero do so.

I found this fairly simple when the shops (or even try the local Inn) were open by simply going upstairs and rustling through one of their cupboards or draws. Remember, it says undetected so don't let anyone see you and make sure you weren't followed.

The Illustrated Hero - 5
Tattoo every part of your Hero's body, or see another Hero do so.

Fairly simple this one really, especially if you get the two tattoo cards from the site. The tattoos come in two forms. Head and body. Simply buy one for each from a tattooist or select the two in your items menu and the achievement will pop up. Don't worry, you can pay to have the tattoo removed.

The Pied Piper - 10
Start a party where at least five villagers are dancing, or see another Hero do so.

Fairly simple again. All you need to do is head to a bard in a busy place and then when the bard plays, start dancing using the extended expression but don't let go until after the achievement pops. You'll find bards at all the inns pretty much and for 10 gold, this achievement is yours. Personally, I found myself getting this in lil old Oakfield.

The Party Animal -
Get five villagers drunk in under three minutes, or see another Hero do so.

Fairly simple in Bowerstone Market, especially if you are a loved celebrity. Go to the pub and buy at least 5 bottles of alcohol, then head outside and perform an extended dance until there are at least 5 adults around. Then, nail the finish and start handing out the alcohol as a gift as quickly as you can. Remember, Gift is under the Social part of the expression wheel and the alcohol falls under Food. 5 in 3 minutes. Simple, you can do it in less than 1.

The Menace To Society - 5
Commit an act of public indecency, or see another Hero commit one.

First, you need to purchase (The Perv's Handbook - Vulgar Thrust from the Bowerstone Market book store) or earn the Vulgar Thrust expression. Then, wander out in to a civilised place; Fairfax Gardens or Bowerstone Market are fine. Go to the menu, Clothing>Outfits>No Clothes, and then run around finding people to do the Vulgar Thrust to. Not everyone will be offended, but when someone is, they'll report you and you'll get a 10 gold fine for Public Indecency. Achievement Unlocked.

The Goth - 5
A Hero must dye their hair black, and wear a black outfit and black makeup.

I searched high and low in Bowerstone for the black die and eventually found it at Fiendish Fashions in Bloodstone. I swear this is the only place to buy this dye. The shop is on the first tier, up from the waterfall, as far south as you can go. Look out for the tailor sign. Then, go to Items, to Dye and then select everything and dye it for this achievement.

The black dye is called Moonless Midnight Dye. It can also be found, first left on the path to Westcliffe in the chest.

The Muse - 5
Inspire the Bard to compose songs celebrating your great deeds.

Simply simple. Once you have done enough to warrant your own song, head to an Inn (anywhere in Albion) and pay a bard 10 gold and he'll sing about you. Very amusing achievement and the songs are entertaining as well.

Marge: Have you noticed any change in Bart
Homer: New glasses?
Marge: Noooo... He looks like something maybe disturbing him
Homer: Probably misses his old glasses
Marge: We could get more involved in Bart's activities, but then I'd be afraid of smothering him
Homer: Yeah, and then we'd get the chair.
Marge: That's not what I meant!
Homer: It was Marge, admit it.

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