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I need a couple of the online achievements which are "Beaten em all" and "Grid top regular".
I've tried so many times to get these but I reckon it's a laggin issue as when I'm online I can't get the power boost to work at all and get whacked each time.

What I propose is that we get eight 8 players.
Each sets up a female user.(nobody plays as a female anymore)
This will take 4 seasons to complete with 2 people getting both ach's each season.
It will only take about 15 minutes each season to do as the ones not going for the
ach's can quit the game once it starts to let the other person advance.

If you like to help and will guarantee to keep going till everyone gets the ach's, add your gamertag to the list.
If we get the eight, I'll set up times and days to go for it.

1. Killer Keely 69

What we can also do is boost for the other achievements aswell.

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