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Originally Posted by DemonI81 View Post
Yes they do give you side missions.
Do I get a warning when I'm running low on pills or do I just run out? All I've been doing in the game is gathering diamonds and Jackal tapes. I acquired all my buddies, did one main mission, and got all the diamonds/Jackal tapes in 5/9 sectors of the North. These diamonds take forever. I can't wait till I have them all and can play the game. (I usually go on these collection quests at the end, but since the diamonds are used to buy guns and such, I decided to do it first off, this way too I'll be less likely to give up on finding them all).
When you're running out on pills you see your characters looks at the container right after you take the last one.. This would be a good time to go and do underground missions and get a refill. You'll have enough time to do the mission but you must hurry.

Good night sweet prince 40
Comfort a Buddy and ease his passing.

Make sure to save before you do this if your wanting to keep all your buddies and i would advice you to.

Do the mission where you have to get the gold for the UNLL (or whatever theyre called), subvert the mission by taking your buddy up on their request to do things differently. then when you go to the oasis with your buddy as the last part of the mission, go down the hole where the gold is and press back next to the gold as you normally would, then save. now come out of the hole and your buddy shouldve taken a pounding and be on deaths door. if not on deaths door already, let them sweat it out a bit longer than mop up the bad guys(this is an easy mission with it being so early on in the game). go over to her and start the whole heal/kill process by pressing Y and blow her brains out. one achievement. reload the last save, do it all again but this time save her and carry on the game like normal! two achievements
Ok, how do you save by pressing <back? I don't find a save option.. :/
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