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sorry if it was confusing, but i didnt mean either of those things! when you get to the oasis, go straight down the hole to the gold. when you approach the gold you will get prompted to press the back button, do it and then the game will ask if you want to save. then all you have to do is come out of the hole, put your buddy out of her misery, reload the save down by the gold, come out of the hole and save her life.

edit: oh and DemonI81, i think you get the optional objective to get more medicine on the second to last pill, not the actual last pill. so keep checking the pause menu if you think youre running out. ive got the achievement for doing all the underground missions, i think i did 3 in the north and 2 in the south. as for this Third Faction achievement, did someone say they got it after choosing to save their buddies at the end of the nortern campaign? so the buddies in the south dont count towards the achievement?

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