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Originally Posted by kantizuni View Post
Well, killing people is obviously the easiest way to go evil.
My problem is that i've been stuck at NEUTRAL the whole game. Any fast ways to go UP in karma?

I cant go back to when I first talked to bittercup without spending another hour in the game. Always say positive things. I did notice that there wasnt alot of choice if you wanted to say something nice to her without calling her a freak or a wierdo, so pick the one that sounds the kindest. I cant say anything more other than to go positive.

Originally Posted by Crazy Blain View Post
The best way I've discovered to go from good to south is to enter the store in Megaton (if you havent blown it up) and access the terminal on the desk. Then back out and access it again. Rinse and repeat, you'll get negative karma every time you do it, moves pretty fast.
Can you do this without getting caught?

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