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Originally Posted by osea101 View Post
I can tell you're not a fan of the franchise or you wouldn't spout this nonsense. Anyone who's ever played 1 and/or 2 will definitely not rush this game. Part of the immersive role playing experience is to play different characters. For example, right now I am playing my favorite cultural stereotype: an asian guy with glasses who has high intelligence and is good with computers. Next playthrough I look forward to being a very charismatic black guy who is good at hitting and chatting up the ladies. Lastly, I will enjoy playing an Eastern European guy who is into drugs and crime. That's easily 3 enjoyable playthroughs but I can understand if some of you are rushed for GoW2, F3 is likely my only purchase for months to come.

Moreover, [rant on] the game is so big that you're likely to miss out on some parts on your first playthrough. Why people buy/rent games just for pointless achievements is beyond me. I know very well the title of this site but that doesn't mean a guy can't be moderate about it.

Again STFU and read the name of the Forum.

People here dont give a shiat about what is "beyond you".
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