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Originally Posted by Mike Langlois View Post
I actually prefer that Hokage is 0. That way only people who dont care about gamerscore in the game will aim for it, and only the deserving people will get it.

I just hope the secret achievements arnt for online, like in the first.
I have to agree with that. Thats why some of those insane Halo 3 achies are 0, right? So a regular gamer can get points fine without them, and the hardcore Halo enthusiasts can get them for satisfaction. And with all those achies being for things like activities and item collecting, the secret ones might very well be just for the story modes. Think about it, theres 2 story modes, and quite a few secret ones.

Theres a game Im thinking of (but cant for the life of me remember which one) that has all of the story ones secret, so that if your looking up the score of a friend who has the game, it doesnt spoil it for you. If say, one of those secret achies is "Defeat Tayuya in the main story" then casual players who dont know the Naruto story wont be spoiled. (Hey, they exist yknow.)
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