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Originally Posted by AOS Puck View Post
You also need to make sure that you play the "Option" levels for certain characters. On a couple characters they have the option of playing Level A or Level B after beating the previous level. You have to go back and play the level you didn't choose the first time.

Couple characters? just 1 as far as i no and that is Assphar. You choose to either go to Castle Varvazzarr to aid the people there or you continue on your mission and go to Fort Wyandeek.

The only other thing there is to get is once you have everyone at level 9 going to beat the Boss in "Another World" with Inphyy, which I think may be my problem to getting this last achievement because ive beat everything else twice and the boss once after getting to level 9 with all characters. ill check back if it works

** So I just beat the Boss again in "Another World" with no luck on the achievement.

****** So I finally finished the game. I have a post of some Ideas in the Achievement Discussion side of this forum. Good luck

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