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Originally Posted by Jceccarelli117 View Post
and I think you might have been thinking of enchanted arms, because all the achievements are from the story?
Bioshock! It was Bioshock I was thinking of, that was it. Yknow, all the achies that are visable are things like Max a Track, upgrade a weapon, but the story ones, Complete Welcome, defeat You-Know-Whos, they were hidden. They put a ton of stock into that Bioshock, so its unsurprising they were secret ones. Didnt want people looking at their friendslists of others who were playing to see that they had beaten the boss before them.. which lets face it, really wouldve given away the ending. (See? Im dodging it now on the rare chance someones reading this and hasnt played it. Im nice like that.)

Anyway, the secret ones for this might be the same. Yknow, sealed Orochimaru's Arms, etc etc.

(And relax, I dont even think the Forest of Death is in this one.) Not to mention theres 12 secret achies and what, 18, 20 chars? There obviously isnt Complete so many battles with XXXX". Besides, I think if you look on their forum, the one thing Ubisoft HAS learnt is that everyone has a fav, and all those last achies just forced people to use characters they didnt like. (Hell, I dont like Sasuke or Neji, and Kiba isn't much of a char I think, and that I had to clear them was annoying.)

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