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Well, I'll add a bit.


Obviously start as a Medic and make sure that it's a Headquaters game OR Capture the flag. Why? Your allies have a 20 secound spawn time which gives you time to reach them. Also, communicate with them and tell them yor comming. IF there are more than two medics on your team, try another game because you WILL loose that match.

Supply officer:

Now, since you can drop infitive supplies, just drop them near the road of your spawn and eventually they will pick them up. Run infront of your team mates and drop 'em off. If they are lying down, take advantage and drop of more.

General: [counts as the rest]

Know your maps and objectives. Depending on which map and game type, use a medic for the revival point. Or use a tank and defend your base. It takes a while to learn the maps. Also, IF you are allied use the M1 Garand, as it is a Godly weapon online.

Grizzled Veteran:

Don't be a hero. Take your time, move slowly but steadly. Always aim Center Mass, forget about HEadshots. Don't underestimate your enemies or you'll die. When there are Machine guns, use grenades and SMOKE grenades. They will save you.

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