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Originally Posted by Jonesy999 View Post
so how many have 1000 gs on this game? anyone wanna help me out and go through the levels gettin the like the back of my hand achievement?
Just went through the list between yesterday/today and got the achievement. The only thing that's missing is 2 Helmets on Rails. You mention that the health vials are near the Helmets in each base, but don't mention to pick them up. Nothing drastic, just letting you know.

The other only problem with the list is some of the descriptions are vague, and there are some gaps between the two lists. I.e. sometimes an armor vest or a Big Keg o Health will be in a hard to find spot, but doesn't have a description in either list. Either way, it was a huge help and I appreciate all the work, just throwing in some constructive criticism.
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