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well there are actually 20 secret achievements, but in addition to the possible 15 I listed earlier, if you have to fight orochi, theres another, gaara again, itachi and kisame could be the missing ones, the only ones that I think are going online are going to be win a solo/tag tournament and rankings, which brings me to a question, do we know if tag is going to be 4 player, where each character is played by a different person, or where its just 1 v 1 where each person has 2 characters?

I'm just itching for this game to come out, its going to be great, I just know it. btw, sasukes my favorite character (to use and overall in the show), but I did hate using people like orochi, kiba, and zabuza. I did kinda like how you had to get good with each character to get all the achievements
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