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HI Guys

firstly thanks for the great effot on this thread, i have gone through every map and got "all power up found" but still no achievement?

just so you know that when the game update some of the maps already had the "power up found" on the screen when you press "start" ingame. so im wondering if i should go back and actually pick all of all the items up again? will the message pop up again? or not?....

secodnly i also did not finish the map when found all items i just quit it, but when i go back into the map its all saying its saved and powers up are found,,

what do you think i should do? anyoen encoutered this problem? im thinking of going to do the maps tonight which akready had the power up message after updating the game, think there is only about 7 maps so wont take too long..

just thought id ask before i get frustrated

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