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Relic and Treasure Locations


Relics are inserted in the treasure list as you come across them.


MEDITERRANEAN SEA (26 treasures)
#1 Face the main cave, turn 180 degrees and swim into a cave in a cluster of rocks. Turn right then left. In here you'll find a turn key and the treasure.

#2 Face the main cave again, turn right and swim to the cluster of rocks. The entrance to the cave is on the other side. Swim in and find the treasure.

#3 Face the main cave again, turn left and swim in the door at the base of that rock cluster. Door is covered by kelp. Enter the cave, swim down, turn right, then left up over some rocks and the treasure is to the right of some jelly fish.

#4 Facing the main cave again, turn left and look at the kelp covered door of the near rock cluster. Swim to the left of this cluster and find the cave on the other side of the jutting rock a little farther away. Treasure inside.

#5 Face the main cave, swim up until you're about a 1/3 of the way from the top. It's on a ledge to the left that blends in well.

#6 Go in the main cave and face the puzzle. Look right and up. Swim up the hole and you'll find the treasure on a ledge.

#7 Enter the puzzle door. You'll swim straight, right, left, and before your next right, look behind the fallen rocks on the left.

#8 Once out of the water, take your first right and bust the urn.

#9 & 10 In the next room, dive to the far left in the small pool of water. -The other is in the top left on a ledge in an urn.

In Niflheim,
#11 Directly across from a torch with a ledge underneath, you'll see a small hole on the left with 3 urns.

#12 Crouch through the small tunnel, climb up and it's in an urn in front of the stairs on the right.

#13 In an urn on the right under a torch.

#14 Looking at the kraken at water level, it's to the right in a corner in an urn.

#15 Looking at the kraken, go up the stairs on the right of the room, take your first left, and it's in an urn behind a column.

#16 Looking at the kraken, jump in the water and it's just in front of the kraken underwater in the middle right.

#17 Looking at the kraken, it's to the left just under the water on a stair case.

#18 Climb the stair case in the middle left of the room, take the first left around to a dead end and it's in an urn.

#19 Kill the kraken, then wall jump where the chains were up to a small room. (Master Climber) (Swan Diver I)

The Norse Connection
#20 Open the door to grab Thor's gauntlet. In the same room look left of the statue for an urn.

#21 Leave the statue room and go right. Enter the room and look to your immediate left before you climb out.

#22 To the left of the doorway before the room with broken poles.

#23 In the back left corner of the room with broken poles.

#24 After you crawl through debris, the urn is just left of the exit.

#25 Once back in the kraken room on the top ledges, grapple straight across straight to the urn.

#26 When you slide down a ramp, drop and grab the immediate ledge and shimmy across to a ledge on the right. Climb up to an urn. Stay for...
Continue right from the previous treasure. Jump the gap, crawl under the space and the relic is to the left. (Relic Collector)

COASTAL THAILAND (30 treasures)
#1 Climb out of the water and stay on that ledge facing the small waterfall. Dive under where the water is falling and swim left into a dark cave area. -Credit: Little Templar

#2 Wall climb on the initial column out of the water. You'll see where you can jump right and shimmy some ledges into a little cave. There's treasure, health and spiders in here.

#3 You'll slide down a ramp and jump to a bar. Go up the first stairs then take an immediate right and drop off and grab the ledge. A blue bird will fly away from the edge as you approach. Drop, wall climb and jump back to find the treasure on a ledge.-Credit to: mr wilkie
(Master Swan Diver)

#4 Just after the spot for Master diver, don't turn right down the lush path. Look left and jump out to the top of the pillar. You can clearly see it before you jump. -Credit to: sS Cronic

#5 As you get to the end of the lush path, it's up the stairs on the right in a jar.

#6 Drop down from the pillars and follow the little stream to a small L-shaped wall on the right. Tigers will attack. The jar lays inside the corner of the walls.

#7 Maneuver the next set of pillars. Go up to the right, instead of left.

#8 Navigate the pillars to the other side and the pot is on the right. Grab the ledge to shimmy over.

#9 Three more tigers will attack, go up stairs and jump left. Use cross bar to swing over. Run to the end and you can see the treasure across the way. Drop, swing, and shimmy across to it.

#10 Spiders will attack again and you'll drop down a hole. Left is a ramp you can't ascend. Right is the way to go. Climb up and the jar is in front of you.

#11 Run right and around and drop down. Crawl under the opening to the middle where you'll see a ring to grapple across. The jar is right next to you before you swing over.

#12 Once at the bottom with the 2 movable statues. Go either L or R and descend the stairs until you reach a hole. Use the ring to grapple and rappel down. The jar is in front of you when you drop.

#13,14,15,16,17&18 After the "architecture is different " cut scene, you'll come to a new room.
-One is in a dard area in the far back right corner.
-Wall climb above the last one and grab the food. Jump to the top of the pillar. -Credit: sS Cronic
-Another is higher and directly across from where you enter, in the back middle. Wall climb a lot to get to it.
-Turn around from the last one and drop/grab to the ledge below. -Credit: sS Cronic
-Another is in the back left corner. You can drop the left of the last one or wall climb from the bottom-middle left area to get to it.
-Across from the gem on the left side. Repel down from the gem, and jump diagonally across a gap. Wall climb and wall jump.

#19 Once you leave the last room, you'll come to a large gap you have to rappel across. Standing where you see the ring, the treasure is above you. Swing across, turn left, climb the vertical bar and double back above the gap you swung across.

#20,21,22 -After another tiger, it's on ground level in the back right.
-Another is on the ledge up on the left.
-Another is on the ledge up on the right.

#23,24 Once back in the area with the statues of Shiva and Kali, there's one to your right.
-The other is on the opposite side of the area (near the other scale) in the same location.

#25 In the new room that Kali opened for you, there's one behind the statue with the ring on the right that you pull to make a hole. It's hidden in a bush. (Try a grenade on the spiders here. (Master Grenadier))

#26,27,28 The room with a tree in the middle and a large statue.
-Use the ring just to the left of the entrance to rappel down on the ledge below.
-Climb down the center and move the walkway to your right. The treasure is just behind where you grabbed the walkway.
-This one is on a ledge half way around to the exit. Stop and climb back up before pushing the walkway to the exit.
Zoom behind the Thor statue once you have lined up the walkway to your exit and you can see the relic. Drop to the left of the walkway and hang from the ring. Swing left and pull then push the walkway up to the statue. Make your way back up and claim the relic.

#29 The next room with water and a ring on the right wall. It's at the far right of the pool at the bottom.

#30 After you open the underwater gate, you'll be swimming downward. It's on the bottom left before the floor makes you swim up.-Credit to: B1g Ez

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