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Relic and Treasure Locations, cont.

CROFT MANOR (13) Complete
#1 & 2 -At the very start, kick the pot next to you.
-Near the bottom of the pole at the beginning of the stage in a pot.

#3, 4, 5 In the first big room.
-Jump to the left platform.
-Jump from the last treasure to a vertical pole and this one is on the ledge you swing to.
-Drop to the bottom. Look at the statue with no arms or head, it’s in a pot to the right.

#6 Climb above the removable pole before you take it.

#7 Just beyond where you pull the pole from the wall. In a pot midway down the stairs.
(Continue down, turn L, then right and you can see a brick. Look in the grate to the right)
After treasure #7, take the brick down the hallway and place it on the pressure plate. Grab another brick from the adjacent room and carry it to the same pressure plate. The grate will stay open for you to claim the relic.

#8 Take the pole to the opposite side from where you removed it. There is another hole for the pole. Use it and climb above it, too.

#9 After you swing through the timed doors, continue til you see the pot next to a health pack.

#10 Look around the corner from the last one.

#11 After fighting Thralls, move the pillar to the right of the cage to reach the second level.

#12 Move the pillar to the left of the cage. Jump back from the pillar that you have to shimmy around over to a ledge against the wall.

#13 In a pot on the right as you run up the wooden steps in a mine shaft before the lever.

#1 Ride the bike to the gap. Do not jump the gap. It's in a pot in the small tunnel just before the gap.

#2 Now jump the gap. Stop and get off the bike and it's in some bushes on the right. It's in a pot just after the gap.

#3, 4 At the first building, it's in a pot at the front right.
-In the room with the statue head.

#5, 6 & 7 Drive past the temple and maneuver the sharp turns around stone walls. Two are on the left by the walls. The other is to the right before the opening of the tunnel.

#8 & 9 After the tunnel, you'll come to another building on the right with dead bodies on the steps.
-One is in a pot on the left, in some broken walls.
-The other is in a pot just left of the doorway.

#10 Get back on the bike and pass the two pits. This one is in a pot at the entrance to a small stone tunnel.

You come to a +-intersection.
#11 Go left through a tunnel. Take the high path on the left. It's in a pot on the right.

#12 On the same high path as 11, it's between a tree and wall on the left.-Credit: robertovaladez

You'll arrive at a building with men shooting panthers (where you wrap the boulder with your grapple to make a hole to the skull headdress for the other calendar).
#13, 14, 15, 16
-One is in a pot at the bottom left of the area.
-Another is up the stairs in a pot on the right.
-While on the right, climb the pillar for the pot on top.
-And as you approach the doors, another pot is to the left.

#17,18 Climb around to the right of the building.
-When you drop down, you'll see the pot.
-Another pot is located at the top of the column.

#19,20 Drop into the next area, then look at the doors. Turn right, and you'll see some stone blocks to climb, but look further right at the hole at the bottom of a wall and you'll see a pot inside. Then climb the stone blocks, and the other pot is in the corner.

#21 Climb down the hole next to the pillar on the side nearest the ring. You can see it as you climb down on a ledge. Don't pass it or you'll have to navigate around the room again.

#22,23,24,25,26 Return to the intersection and go straight across to the area you were overlooking when you aligned the dials for the calendar.
-There's a vase on the right on the stairway down.
-Run around the perimeter and you'll find 4 more gems in vases.

#27 Now turn right at the intersection and you'll drive down some curves. You'll come to the building with the second calendar. Park your bike by the large hole in the wall (this is where you'll exit). Go around to the other side and the vase is in the corner by the door.

#28 Enter the door and walk to the back right corner. It's in a vase.
(Speed Demon I)

#29 After your motorcycle ride into Xibalba, there's a vase on the left before the 2nd stairs down.

Midgard Serpent
#30,31 Walk down the steps, turn around and look at your bike.
-It's just to the right of the door in a jar.
-The other is on a ledge above the door.

#32 Turn the four statues to open the four doors. Go in the door with a staircase. The wall room. Cross to the other side and get the Rattling House Key. Turn around and use your grapple to pull the block down and pull it to the middle. When you stand on this for protection, wall jump to the top when the walls close-in and grab the treasure that was hidden by the block.

#33,34 Coming out the last room, go left and maneuver the walls to the next door.
-They're both in a pot in front of the door.

#35,36 Enter the door to the fire room.
-One is in a pot on the left before all the fire.
-Use the first bar, then jump back on another bar to an alcove above the entrance.

#37,38,39,40 Back to the statue room. Use the ring to grapple and climb up to the ledge in the large room.
-Jump to the left and slide to get to the ledge of the next door. The jar is in front of the door.
-Walk into the dark room and crawl through the debris, then look to your right.
-A jar is to the left of the blue Jaguar House Key.
-Climb the debris, then run () and jump to the alcove.

#41 Back in the large room, wall jump and wall climb where there are four poles with skeletons on them. The gem is up top by the first pole.

#42 In the spears and blades room, make your way back on top of the blades to reach the alcove above the entrance.

#43 Open the floor to descend. Look on the right in a jar, before you take the first stairs that go up.

#44 Make the first jump with your bike. Stop. Get off and run back and the jar is up the stairs on the right.

#45 Once you crawl through the gap over a crushed skeleton, a jar is to the left.

#46 Descend the steps for a cut scene. The jar is at the bottom of the steps.

#47 Swing behind Thor, then pull his left arm out to shimmy on his shield. Jump back on the column to make your way to the walkway to the Fight off some thralls. It's next to one of the columns on the walkway.

#48 Stand next to the corkscrew facing Thor and walk straight/left to the corner. Jump out to the jagged column.
Land of the Dead
-RELIC #4 ---Turn the screw in front of Thor back up so he'll close his right hand. Since you now have the belt, move the pillar to the left until it fixes in position. Make your way back to the 2nd floor to jump on that pillar over to Thor's hammer. The relic is in his right eye.

#49 & 50 When you make it back to the top, use the power of Thor's belt to move the rock in the corner. They're both underneath.

Jan Mayen Island (30 Treasures) Complete


Arctic Sea (30 Treasures) Complete


I used new threads because I ran out of room on this post. I exceeded the 10,000 character minimum.


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