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Originally Posted by king72 View Post
Hi, sorry for my bad english

i need 1 card ninja too. I dont remember exactly those i already have . I have orochimaru, sasuke transform, tsunade, sandaime, jiraiya (not sure for him).
When i go in tournament mode, the third charachter at the last line has no card.
Someone know where this card is? Thanks
That's Sasuke in his Chunin costume. Your spossed to be able to download it from Ubisoft, but everytime I try it just says the server is busy.

Incidently, anyone here got Hokage rank? its hard from the sound of it. i asked one today - they tell me you have to beat at least the bottom Hokage in the leaderboard. (Which at the time of writing this is 60 straight wins w/o losing a match.)
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