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Need 5000 miles Do it AFK

now i know AFK is away from keyboard dont go bugging me about that. lets make it AFC away from controller. for the most part.

first load up a private cruise on xbox live so theres no parked cars in the ways can be done without it but its easier

now all you need to do is have the ninja motorcycle the ducati 999 might work. and go down to the section of beach that is shown in my map.

have button B (it goes kinda weird and moves with out B) and the right trigger rubber banded or taped. and have the joystick taped right.

i went for about 20 minutes so far without moving while i was doin this and you go roughly 90 miles an hour too

now this whole part of the beach will work but i found that i hardly ever move when im at the red circle thats on my map.

and ignore the numbers they were part of a collectible map on google.

have fun gettin 5000 miles

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