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Arctic Sea



Ok i found this by: Dive way down, Follow the 4 chains all the way to the wall like structure, Dive down into the darkness, you'll see a skeleton from something, Turn right around and swim into the alcove and you got it + a med kit.

Note Anything i post with #'s is my order, not saying it's "The" order.


After leaving the one i just mentioned still at the bottom continue right for a little bit. It will be on the left side in a nook between two walls.


From the last one Ascend back up until you can see the top of a bridge like structure. Note : there should also be a shark to kill
Assuming you are facing the structure it will be on top of the flat (right hand side)


Ascend up two levels from #3 (Watch out for sharks) and it will be on the left behind two vertical statue like things.


Continue from #4 to the right all the way to the opposite side of the structure and enter a narrow room (which has a ladder) once inside turn right, swim all the way down, turn right again and it will but up in the rocks.


Exit room with #5 and dive down one level it's on the left side of the stairs


dive down from #6 right to the bottom of the sea.


Notice the one destroyed statue on the right side (having the main huge structure to your back) it's inside it.


Remember the tower on the right from # 5, well this one is back on the left side where you have to go, swim inside and up, it's in a JAR on the right side.


make your way up to the top of this from (where #9 was) one will be right infront of you on the right in a JAR. and #11 will be on a ledge behind you in a JAR.


Back in the Left hand tower where # 5 was in swim all the way up climb a few beams then a ladder jump behind you and it will be on the right in a JAR.

(Note: If you're playing the story along the way don't forget to take the stones for the door Mech.)


Continue back down from #12 and before you exit go left again then another left. swim up and it will be in between some rock in the wall again.


then swim from here into a room that is bright and it's on the right on the floor.


Swim back down out of here and in the room where the 2 Stone that you need are, it's on the left side against the wall.


Once inside the structure swim along the normal path until you get to a T intersection, continue straight, go through the rocks and it's on the floor.


you'll come to an Elbow where you can only go left. Instead turn right and swim up to the top of the dark rocks, swim through, turn around and it's in the rocks below.


Continue along the designated pathway until you can only go Left or right. Turn left go through rocks again and it's on the floor like #16.


Leave from #18 and swim straight go through the rock and it's directly below on the right side.

#20 continue from #19 straight swim up into a dark passage way up, and it's right at the back of the room on the ground.


continue on the normal path and at the next T intersection turn right, swim through the rock and it's on the right side on the ground.


Once you are out of the water and watch the cut scene turn left it's in a JAR in between for other jars.
(Relic switch 1 of 4 is on the right side of the entrance, use thors power to light it up)

same area as #22 at the front of the ledge on the right side in a JAR.


Climb down the pole to the landing below here and it's in a JAR on the right.


Travel across the balance beam and it's in a JAR on the little island. (Note: besure not to get analed by the enemies here.Also Watch it. I find the game tends to freeze here when you travel back across. This happened to me and all my saves were fucked so i have to start over this level.)
(Relic switch 2 of 4 is on the wall here, use Thors power to light it up)


In the middle of the room on the platform. so from #24 spot jump right, on the small pillar, shimmy left jump back and grab platform.


Right below #26 on a lower platform in a JAR
(Relic switch 3 of 4 Jump across to the next little platform here on the ground level, its on the wall here, use Thors power to light it up)


Jump to the next platform from the relic switch and it's right here.


Once you open the doors to Helheim (the cut scene) It's in a JAR on the right side of the entrance.
(Relic switch 4 of 4 is on the wall here also, use Thors power to light it up)

NOTE: Once you've hit the 4th switch it is timed so get there quickly!

The actual Relic is behind the one Poison waterfall half way back on the left side. Use the Golden ring to get there.

NOTE: If you die anytime while trying to get the relic, you will have to light up all 4 switches again, which can be a pain in the fucking ass because one platform half the time you fall through it into the water..

#30 ?? Only one i didn't find :P


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