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Jan Mayen Island collectibles.

Jan Mayen Island (30) Complete

(Speed Demon II)
#1 After the cut scene shows you the spiral road downward, look right up the road.

#2 & 3 At the bottom of the corkscrew road.
-One is under the road.
-The other is left of the door.

#4, 5 & 6 Along the way up the center column, there's one where you align the 3rd symbol.
-And there's two where you align the 4th symbol.

#7, 8 & 9 -Just inside the large door to the right in a vase.
-Just left of the ramp next to two vases.
-Just down the ramp and to the left in a vase.

[Now you're in the maze. (Speed Demon III)]
TO THE LEFT (All dead ends):
#10 It's just to the right after the ramp down.
#11 There's one in the dead end on the left. (Relic #5 is behind that wall)
#12 Check the other dead, under the debris archway, just to the right in a vase.
#13 Other is at the very end on the right. Now go back to the beginning.

#14 It's just behind the debris on the right.
#15 Continue, turn L, go down the ramp and look to the left.
#16 Continue straight over a barrier, turn L, go under a debris archway and the vase is at the left. This is a dead end.
#17 Go back to the barrier, take a L, then right and crawl under the debris.
#18 Now go straight from #17 until there's a dead end on the right (#21 is over there). Straight ahead there's a vase.
#19 Now take the left. After your first jump, turn around and look in the right corner of the barrier you just cleared. It's before that tilted archway.
#20 Continue straight and crawl under more debris.
#21 Place the boulder next to the pole already in the wall. Park your bike lined up toward the tilted archway. Pull the lever down, press B to skip the cut scene, and get on your bike and head into the raised door.
---Relic #5- After treasure #21, move the boulder under the empty socket and place the pole. Pull down, get on your bike, return to the dead ends at the beginning if you were to turn L.

Return back to the poles.
#22 Wall climb up and walk into the big room. Look to your left as soon as you enter.

#23 Make your way to the lower right (from where you enter). You have to do a lot of navigating around the large columns. It's in a vase to the left before the room of blue water.

#24 Leave the blue water room and enter the other room with large cogs. Look to your left in a vase.

#25 When you make it to the 2nd cog room (cogs are not moving), it's on your immediate right at the top.

#26 Once at the bottom, move the boulder from the cog over to the door so you can jump up the barrier. Run to the end. -Credit to: Jizmonkeee

#27 Ride the next hammer over to another blue water room where you have to use the grapple (do NOT drop from the grapple, use the wall run). The gem is across the room on a lower level.

#28 Go into a blue water room where you have to grapple and rappel up. Then walk through a tunnel to another blue room. You'll see the gem to your right on a platform. Return the way you came.

#29 & 30 Both are at the bottom of the cog room with the "yeti like creature".


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