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Arctic Sea collectibles.

Arctic Sea(30 Treasures) Complete

#1 On the third statue on the left that is missing its top half.

#2,3,4 Swim past all the tall statues. Between the six statues and the building is a trench to dive deeper. You'll see large rib cage (whale) bones.
-Facing the bones,
swim left along the bottom and it's on your right.
-Facing the bones, there's a small cave behind you.
-Facing the bones, swim right along the bottom and it's on your left.

#5 To the right of the right tower at about chain level.

Swim to the right of the center turn key and it's behind the two fixtures for the power stones.

#7 Swim up between the right tower and center building. There's a hole in the center building across from the top of the right tower. Treasure is inside on the left. -Credit: dronthego

# 8,9,10 Swim through the door of the right tower and emerge from the water.
-One is as soon as you emerge.
-Another is at the top next to the power stone.
-Look across from the power stone and jump to a ledge in the corner.

Between the base of the left staircase and the whale bones on the left corner of the building.

#12,13,14,15,16 Now swim to the left tower.
-Immediately swim/climb up to the very top to claim the treasure next to the power stone.
-As you swim into the tower, turn right instead of swimming up. You'll come to an intersection. Treasure is in the dead end on the right.
-Now take the left and follow the path to the other power stone. The treasure is to your immediate left as you enter.
-As you swim away from the room with the power stone, swim up (instead of swimming back down) and it's to your right in some rocks.
-Check in the other room up here and there's one to the right.

After you lower the bridge...
#17 Swim until you come to an intersection. One is straight ahead through the debris.

#18 After you swim over the 1st staircase (with the bottom half fallen apart), swim over the debris on the right.

#19 After you swim over the next staircase, swim left through a hole in debris to find a treasure in another dead end.

#20 After the same 2nd staircase, swim right and look right once you pass the fallen rocks.

#21 At the next intersection, swim straight over the rocks for a treasure at a dead end.

#22 From the same intersection, swim right over broken stairs to another intersection. Grab the treasure through the debris on the right.

Now out of the water.
#23,24 After the cut scene, there is one to your right* (symbol for relic, on side of doorway) and one to your left.

#25 Drop straight off to the ledge (with a pole) below you. Bust the vase.

#26 Now walk on the pole laying diagonally to another vase*. (symbol for relic)

#27 Return to the platform that had #25, then shimmy the walls to a pole. Perch to the top and jump over to the middle platform* (grapple ring).

#28 Drop straight down to a lower area that is water level. Bust the vase.

#29 Jump to the next platform* (symbol for relic) and to the next for another vase.
#30 After the cut scene and you're under the red light, look
for the vase* (symbol for relic, again of side of doorway) to the left of the doorway before you enter.
---Relic #6
-You must activate four symbols throughout the blue water room without dying, or they reset. The asterisks in the treasure guide indicate close proximity where these symbols can be found. Your fists will light up when near them.
-Once activated, the middle waterfall will shut off. You must swing from the ring (location also in treasure guide) to a revealed ledge that was hidden behind the waterfall.


-Finally!! This is my first guide, now complete. I did my best to make the list appealing, easy to read, follow and navigate. I did this as I played the game myself with a few helpers who are credited. I wrote this as I would want a guide to be if I used it to play through a game.
-This is an achievement guide, not a detailed walk through.
-My latest updated list is the one found on So the one on is not my smoothest and best.
-This whole task has been quite taxing. So get your 1000 Gs, and it will not have been in vain.

Your faithful gamer,
--- Edward VAN WINKLE
Xbox 360 Gamertag: “E vee dub” (my initials)

COPYRIGHT STUFF (for all posts for the guide and collectibles list): “This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.”
-----Copyright 2008, Edward VAN WINKLE
Please inform me if you use any of my information on any other website. Chances are that I’ll allow it, as long as I am credited. Thanks.


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