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Relic descriptions.

RELICS (One per area, 6 total)
Note: The relics in the treasure guide are links to this thread.
-Retrieving the relics increases your health bar. It's recommended to get these before starting a new game on Master Survivalist, because you keep them when you start over and your health bar is already maxed.

#1 Mediterranean Sea - Continue right from treasure #26. Jump the gap, crawl under the space and the relic is to the left in the little room.

#2 Coastal Thailand - Zoom behind the Thor statue once you have lined up the walkway to your exit and you can see the relic. Drop to the left of the walkway and hang from the ring. Swing left and pull then push the walkway up to the statue. Make your way back up and claim the relic.

#3 Croft Manor - After treasure #6, take the brick down the hallway and place it on the pressure plate. Grab another brick from the other room and carry it to the pressure plate. The grate will stay open for you to claim the relic.

#4 Southern Mexico - Turn the screw in front of Thor back up so he'll close his right hand. Since you now have the belt, move the pillar to the left until it fixes in position. Make your way back to the 2nd floor to jump on that pillar over to Thor's hammer. The relic is in his right eye.

#5 Jan Mayen Island (Valhalla Maze) - After treasure #21, move the boulder under the empty socket and place the pole. Pull down, get on your bike, and return to the dead ends at the left of the beginning.

-- Andaman Sea - none

#6 Arctic Sea - You must activate four symbols throughout the blue water room without dying, or they reset. The asterisks in the treasure guide indicate close proximity where these symbols can be found.
-Once activated, the middle waterfall will shut off. You must swing from the ring (location also in treasure guide) to a revealed ledge that was hidden behind the waterfall.


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