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There is only 6 relics, in the level Andaman Sea there is no relics and no treasures.

EDIT, for the 6th relic (in the Arctic Sea), you have to activate 4 switch in the area where you see Natla with your googles. The first one is at the entrance of this room, go to the right, the "switch" is the symbol behind the pillar. The second one is: when you're at the entrance, facing the whole level, jump on some rock platform on the "poisoned water" at the left, the "symbol switch" is behind a pillar. The third one is: in front of the wall to climb at the last area of this room, jump on a platform at the right, the "symbol switch" is on a pillar. The fourth one is: when you climbed the last wall of this area, you're in front of an orange thing, at the left there is a pillar, the "symbol switch" is on this pillar. When the four switch are activated, go back to the elevated plateform in the middle of the room, and, facing the entrance, you have a "X button" symbol at the left, so turn left, use the graple and jump on the little room, the relic is here.

Sorry if this is not perfect, I'm French and my English is not perfect, I hope it will be helpful.

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