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Ninja Card Locations (Character spoilers)

Hey folks. "Naruto: The Broken Bond" contains 10 ninja cards littered throughout the game world. Once you find one of these cards, you must fight the depicted character (though you can use your entire team, effectively 3 on 1). If you defeat them, you also gain a cool scroll for use in combat, which are more powerful than their shop counterparts.

Below you'll find their name, the location and the scroll you'll unlock. There are two scrolls per area. Remote Forest, River Crossing, Temple Ruins, Hot Springs and the Enemy Camp.


Gaara - On a building roof, to the southwest of the east side shop in the Remote Forest.
Scroll unlocked: Sand Shield - Decreases the damage received from combos by 50%.

Temari - Inside the guard tower next to the broken bridge, to the very north of the Remote Forest.
Scroll unlocked: Wind Master - Increases damage done by aerial attacks by 150%.

Curse Mark Sasuke - Octagonal arena in southwest River Crossing.
Scroll unlocked: Fox - Transform into Demon Fox Naruto when fighting.

Orochimaru -
Inside his secret lair in River Crossing.
Scroll unlocked: Snake Skin - 75% of damage you receive is taken from your chakra.

- On top of the chip factory in Temple Ruins, left hand side (from facing)
Scroll unlocked: Way of the Third - Increases the damage caused by your jutsu by 100%.

Tsunade - Inside a cart at the end of the tracks leading away from the chip factory in Temple Ruins.
Scroll unlocked: Granny - Allow your teammates to regenerate health while they're on the bench.

Zabuza - On the farthest island east in Hot Springs.
Scroll unlocked: Mist - This scroll increases the damage caused by your combos by 100%.

Haku - On the northwestern island of Hot Springs, southwest section. You'll pass a kunai trap on the way there, take a left once you reach an opening past the trees.
Scroll unlocked: Freezing Kunai - Increases your kunai damage by 150%.

Itachi - On the northern of the two barge-like boats at the Northeast of the Enemy Camp.
Scroll unlocked: Rapid Eye - Substitute 40% of attacks automatically.

Kisame - On the left rock in front of the waterfall, towards the southeast of the Enemy Camp.
Scroll unlocked: Shark Skin - Reflect 65% of damage back on an enemy when you block his attacks.


That'll be ten tasty scrolls and forty achievement points, please! I hope this guide has helped. Thanks to admeister for the assistance!

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