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Originally Posted by Blyckert View Post
I just gotta' say that I think that this is the absolute best game for the Xbox360 ever. The achievements are perfect, the only one I have left is Brass Balls and I don't feel like doing that one, they're not to easy, not to hard and not to boring. Many of the achievements come naturally while you play the story, and almost everyone of the other, though they take the entire game to get, are easy, for example the Historian achievement. And on the other hand is the game itself, with the story and everything, perfect. I've tried to play this on the PC before but then i found it to massive to enjoy. Once I got it for the 360, sat down and started playing it I realized that it's really fun. I just have to say to everyone that haven't played this game that they do. Or else you're going to miss something.
I have to disagree with you. This is one of the best games but far from the being the best. This game is essentially Oblivion with guns. You've got to love how they added in a crossbow in this and didn't add one in Oblivion. That being said, this game has one of the best achievements made for it and greatly help the replay value.
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