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Hey guys. I'm a bit of a Noob to this site but don't hold that against me!

I'm an Armored Core Purest, I had the original on ps1, still do somewhere! And I loved it to bits, I even managed to finish off the last raven which was incredibly difficult! Anyway I'd say that For Answer is the best new game in the series since Armored core 2 on the PS2. I didn't enjoy the first Armored Core 4, it was a bit bland, rushed, and very very hard! Course it could just be I'm getting slow and old lol.

Anyway I was a huge fan of sword kills when I played the first game, I had the moonlight and loved delivering death with that weapon! the great thing about the new games is you start with a sword at the beginning! And its quite respectable! It deals by far the most damage of all my weapons so far and I am keen to see if you can have 2 equiped because that would be madness!

Graphically I'd say the background scenery is a constant let down for the series, its always been pretty bland but it doesn't effect the gameplay or enjoyment and you can now destroy the environments quite nicely!

Another plus is that your booster lasts for minutes at a time and not seconds like it did in the first game, which is really nice seeing as a lot of the levels are fought over water or in the air!!

I haven't gotten far but I gave up on the first AC4 a long time ago and am confident that this one will be better. Not to mention the fact that it now has co-op play!

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