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4.10 Snow Blitz

Beetle Badges: 2
Feather Badges: 2
Wild Style Points: 500

Just steer or jump around obstacles on the mountain. To get all of the Wild
style points you'll need to keep to the upper paths.

Slalom through the tree.

Get [Beetle Badge 1/2] by jumping onto the ridge in the center as you pass the
first batch of tree. Wild Style Points earned, 5.

Jump and roll along the ledges in the center path here. Wild Style point to
be earned 100. Crash out on the outcroppings until you get them all.

Roll around three outcroppings, wild style points to be earned, 15.

There's a checkpoint here.

Roll ahead past falling ice column and jump to the ice path.

Feather Badge [1/2] is on the ledge to the left of an ice path. Wild Style
Points earned, 5. An additional 15 points can be earn on this piece.

Jump over four fallen logs. Wild style points to be earned 20.

Jump on the snow ledge on the sides of the next away. Wild Style points to be
earned 45.

Beetle Badge [2/2] is on the last os a set of snowy ledges jump past some
fallen logs. Wild Style Points earned, 5.

Jump along the four center ledges. Points to be earned at least 40)

There's a check point here.

Take the path to the right when it branced ahead. Points to be earned at
least 55

Go through the ice cave. Jump on the ledges to the right. Points to be
earned at least 70.

Feather Badge [2/2] is on a sloped ice ledge just after an ice carven. Wild
Style Points earned, 105. (100 for hitting the slope and 5 for the badge.

Ride out the path to the end. Wild style points earned 40.

NOTE: There are at least 20 points to spare.

4.11 Crazy Quackers (Part 1)

Mushroom Badges: 3
Feather Badges: 3
Wild Style Points: 250

Shake of the porcupine. Porcipines are now you're buddies. Wild style points
earned 60.

Smell and walk up to the left side of the shore ahead to get [Mushroom Badge

Turn around and head towards the path by the truck. Follow the path and scare
the hunter. Wild Style points earned, 10.

Grab Elliot and throw him up to the left to get [Feather Badge 1/3]. Wild
Style points earned 5.

Cross the bridge. Go left and get [Feather Badge 2/3]. Wild style points
earned, 5.

Go back to the brdige and go right to the duck. Follow the path past the
duck. Nod yes to take control of Elliot.

This mission is interrupt by the mission the duck assigned you.

4.12 Fowl Duty

Feather Badge: 1
Wild Style Points: 125

Taunt the hunter ahead of you and he'll walk straight into the trap between
the two of you. Wild Style points earned, 10.

Go ahead and taunt the two hunters ahead. Run back behind the trap so they'll
stumble into it. Wild Style points earned, 20 (10 per hunter)

Go back to where the two hunters were and jump along the ledges to the right
to get to [Feather Badge 1/1]. Wild Style points earned 5.

Drop down to the ledge and cross the log onto the rock. Jump across the rocks
and over the log.

Pull right and taunt the two hunter into the trap. Wild style points earned
20 (10 per hunter.)

Taunt another hunter a bit furth on and lure him back to one of the traps
here. Wild style points earned 10.

Walk up to the stump the hunter was standing by and grab the duck call. Ducks
are now your buddies. Wild Style points earned 60.

4.13 Crazy Quackers (Part 2)

You're back in this mission with all points earned so in it after getting the
duck call.

The duck will teach you an three button random code. Repeat it. You can now

Swim across the pond. Talk to the duck and repeat their code.

Scare the hunter ahead. Wild style points earned, 10.

Go around the turn to the left and another to the right. Go ahead to the

Smell and swim to the island on the right to get [Mushroom Badge 2/3]. Wild
style points earned, 5.

Go back to shore and sneak up to the stinky hunter and scare him. You need to
take a step and sneak to get close enough. Wild style points earned, 5.

Grab the rabbit on the shore and throw it at the hunter in to boat. Wild
style points earned 10.

Talk to the ducks on the larger island in this pond. Repeat their code.

Grab Elliot and throw him at [Feather Badge 3/3] on the far shore. Wild Style
points earned 5.

Head back to the other short and take the path towards the truck. Snell and
get [Mushroom Badge 3/3]. This should complete the mushroom collection. Wild
Style points earned, 5.

Continue along the path. Eat some berries if you need to heal.

Grab the rabbit and go around the shore. Throw it at one of the stinky
hunters to make him easier to scare. Wild style points earned, 10.

Scare the other hunter. Wild sytle point earned, 10.

Speak to the ducks and repeat their code.

Now start backtracking to the first duck. Scare the hunter at the lake. Wild
style points earned, 10.

Scare the stinky hunter on the other side of the campsite. Wild style points
earned, 10.

Keep backtracking and scare another hunter and stinky hunter. Wild style
points earned, 20 (10 each).

Return to where the first duck was and cross the bridge. Return to where you
started the mission.. Wild style points earned 250.

Walk up the duck with the sparkles to complete the mission. A new minigame is

4.14 Duck and Cover

Wild Style Points 270

All you need to do here is shoot all of the hunters that appear with your
porcupine launch. They appear on the dock across the lake, by the truck to
the left, on the short just right of the dock, and in the wood to the far
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