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okay this question may seem old but I need help on getting the Calypso piece in Sea Battle level were you have to get it from Jericho and my problem is to get the rum from the wall grabbers in the second last room before the stairs and you have to slash him to get the rum, right?

Well the trouble is I've kept slashing him all the times and no rum came out from him and yes I did talked to Jericho in his cell yet I totaled up the number of wall grabbers in this level, 1st at the upper level of the curved stair near the ladder, 2nd is at the lower level near the curved stair, 3rd is after the huge cell room before the stairs, 4th is after the stairs from 3rd near the cannon, the 5th which is the one near the stair before the last room (which is the one with the rum) and the last one is at the room before exiting to the deck.

Now I don't know why the rum from the 5th one I mention did not pop out, so was there something that I miss out or make any mistakes, or is this suppose to be a glitch cuz I haven't update the game yet.
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