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Originally Posted by DangerousK View Post
I've done this one multiple times and I still have yet to have the treasure appear after defeating Da Ji. I've let Himiko go all the way to the Ally base and then defeated Da Ji and it doesn't do anything. I was using Lu Bu, Guan Yu, and Orochi.

Any ideas as to why the treasure isn't showing up?
Make sure youre killing every key enemy in Da Ji's ambushes. (i.e. Miscreants, Brigands, etc etc). I did this once where an ally killed one and I didnt get the treasure, the next try I killed em all, and I got the treasure. Just run ahead of all your allies to be certain you get the kills when the ambushes appear.

**Guide Update**

Adjustment to Shu Mission 8 Battle of Wu Zhang Plains.
  • Defeating all officers and sorcerers south of the gate will teleport Taigong to the gate and he will trigger rolling rock event.
Thanks to Shadow Kisuragi for pointing this out.
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