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Exclamation Glitched game!! Help plz!

I am having a problem on one of my saved games. On that save there is a level Beaver Damage, and i have collected both flower badges and all the feather badges. The problem is when i start the level i only have 15 points to start with, meaning i cannot get max points for that level, and i cannot get the 100g achievement for getting max points on all levels and NOTE: this is the only level on the save that is glitched for me.

So i start a new game, and try and go all the way through to get the 100g achievement, but yet AGAIN another level glitched for me, Hunted!. On that i have all the badges so it is the same case, but it misses 2 of the badges out at the start which results in a loss of 10 points.

PLEASE PLEASE can someone help me out a.s.a.p, if they have had the same problem or have any kind of solution to this, because i am only renting the game and i dont want to spend a week playing it non-stop since there is only one level that's glitched.

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