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Originally Posted by PTPetisco View Post
Finally finished Episode 4. Last Chapter is a pain in the ass

Here some tips

First game: Dificult and need some practice. Need to perfome a Off-The-Head, then a 3+ move Combo and Dunk. Try first the off the head, just run a bit, foward, and than use RT+LT+Y, so the ball bounces in the adversary head, quickly continue to run and press Y, so you in the same move do a hooly Hoop. Than, just kee doing good till level 3, activate combo, and than Dunk. Time limited is 3 minutes, so need to do actions quickly.

Second game: Easy one. Need to do crowd Hooly Hoop. Just pass the ball to the public, and tuning to the net press X. The ball returns in the air, and we do a hooly hoop.

Third Game: Easy - Need to perfomance 4 Super moves:
2 Super Blocks (level 2 power, than RT+LT+Y (under the net) when adversary trys to dunk.
2 Super Steals (level 2 power, than RT+LT+B)

Fourth Game: Easy one too - Need to perfomance Every Super Move:

1 super block Shot Super Lvl 2 RT+LT+Y (under the net)
1 super steal - Super Lvl 2 RT+LT+B (without ball)
1 super Juke - Super Lvl 2 RT+LT+X
1 super Shot - Super Lvl 2 RT+LT+B
1 super dunk - Super Lvl 3 RT+LT+B (in the yellow circle with ball)

Hope It can help, as it was very difficult to me to discover!

Now gonna do last chapter...
The super steal is RT + LT + X on defense not B

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