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Originally Posted by True I Skill View Post
Ok, Seeing as that film is not working, i found a great one for assault points, CQB and Marskman i find realy easy, but assault is the hardest D;
so yeah, Check out this video, i havent tried it out yet but will tonight, I was shocked after seeing this guy do this O.o

YouTube - RSV2 75 Assault points

Edit: Ok i tried it just now and did it, But.. some things are wrong, i have a feeling this guy did it on a easy dificalty, When he goes down the stairs and turns left the first time, Dont go right arround, shoot some shots towards there then run up and do what he does, I kept running arround and dieing,
Dude, you're fuckin' awesome for posting this. Assault was the only one I needed to get my weapons. Now I'ma use this to rank up to Elite.

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