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Originally Posted by xRogue 5x View Post
Tadakatsu Honda-
Wu-Kill all of Honda's general's. Do this before you fight him. Kill Honda and then kill him again when he respawns.
I'm pretty sure this in inaccurate. Tried it 5 times, and he did not give me the impressed message. So I consulted another website and it showed a different method.

I won't copy and paste what it said (in case it is against some sort of law or anything, so many copyright laws these days :P) But to summarise:

You don't need to kill all the generals. You can if you want, but it's not necessary. (I didn't kill them all). You kill Honda, and he will re-appear in the North-East. Kill him again. You then have two minutes to kill Dong Zhuo. Kill him, and the Stage ends. Honda should give you the "impressed" message.

Worked first time Thought I would point this out, in case others were struggling with unlocking Honda. And seeing as the site I consulted was based on Orochi and it's similar games, it seems pretty accurate.

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