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Originally Posted by Infinity Master View Post
Hey everybody

I didn't use the "search" engine, because I have been reading every single thread in here, from day one lol And that is exactly why I need this one. So this thread is for you TLR gods...

I have read character charts, party setups, posts on defeating the worst enemies, upgrading the best weapons... and I am at BR 100, and I feel weak.

I just came out of Darken Forest, and I died only twice in the whole game, one against the Gates of Hell, and one against Roeas and Castanea. I feel like I am breezing through the game, but I feel extremely weak when I look at your posts.

I have been using 4 unions (4 5 5 4) for the whole game, have been harvesting every level like crazy, have been stats grinding from level 70 to level 100 in Fornstrand and the 6th Path, have been splitting every creature I saw for components, and have been using nearly exclusively Combat Arts, and the "Play it by ear" command EVERY SINGLE TIME since BR 70 (thanks to Otaku who pointed out that it is the best way to upgrade and learn new arts).

Some of you, including a friend who helped me a lot, Ardorius, are talking about parties at BR 110 or 120, with twice the damage, HP, and arts than mine...

1) My weakest party has around 3000 HP, my strongest 4800 HP, and you guys are talking about parties with 6000 HP, and almost 10 000 HP if you just use leaders. If I just put the best leaders, I will not even reach 6000. I chose what I thought was a good setup for 5 unions : 2 leaders (1 of which can heal and resuscitate), 2 fighters and 1 that can heal and resuscitate). But a good balance between healing and fighting doesn't go with a lot of HP...

2) You guys are talking about Heaven's door, Hawkarang and ultimate Arcana Arts, but even with what I did, I have not a single one of them at BR 100. Some people even say they got Heaven's door at BR 45. Either they are lying, or I suck bad. Are these arts related to BR, ATK, weapons ? Nobody is clear on this in the forums.

3) You guys finally talk about the damage you deal, around 80 000 per union. My average is 20-25 000, sometimes 12 or 15K with weak unions, sometimes near 40K with strong unions and a lucky Special Art. But that's it. That's an average of 50 or 60K per turn, not per union. WTH ?

So that's it. I know this topic is long, and I know my english isn't perfect, but some of us need your help (I know I do lol). There have been topics to talk about this, dozens of them, but with no clear answer or checklist of what to do to build a strong character at the end of the game. No way we played for 80 hours and will cave in in front of the Absolute Conqueror or The Fallen

1) Did I do something wrong ? If so, what, so the people who are less advanced than me don't do the same mistakes.

2) Are my stats normal ? Is it just because I didn't try the Ancient Ruins yet, so I don't have good weapons, so I don't have Ultimate Arts ?

3) How is it that some of you have twice the HP I have ? There is just no way I will double my HP in just 10 or 20 BR...

4) I know I switched leaders and soldiers, not a lot, but twice, when I understood the game mechanisms (or lack of). Is it because I didn't use all my characters all the time, from the start ? They seem to upgrade exactly the same way in the roster, even if people say they don't. I have observed Baulson in the reserve for 30 BR, and he upgraded at the exact same rythm as my active leaders.

That's all the things I can think of. Please give us in here an idea of the level we should have at the endgame, the way you got there, what we shouldn't do or have done, which hasn't been discussed anywhere before.

Thanks in advance, except trying the Ancient Ruins, I don't know what to do or where to go anymore...
That's a long post o.o

I'll start off by saying why the hell did you grind in Fornstrand and the 6th path from BR 70 to 100? The Ancient ruins is basically the only place to go for that BR. You get more stats per BR there, so you become more powerful compared to enemies.

The rest I will answer step by step, like you did. Else I will lose track :P

1) Some say combat specialized soldiers have higher defense and evasion. I don't believe this and stick with my usual setup: 2 leaders, 2 herb users, 1 lotion user for every combat oriented union. My mystic union (if I have any) ALWAYS has Irina, along with another good mystic user (in my save I chose Pagus), a hexer, evocer and another healer. Btw, I got to 9000+ hp using 2 leaders + soldiers, not 5 leaders in a union :P both my combat unions have 9000+ hp.

2) The name says it already, they are Weapon Arts. Meaning, you will learn them from weapons. Weapons will be upgraded by either gaining BR (recommended), or by collecting components (a must for the final upgrade I think, but for the rest, just get your BR up). Arcana is learned by creating a synergy, e.g. 3x Invocations, 4x Evocations, 4x Hexes, 3x Remedies, 4x All different spells (Invocations, Evocations, Hexes, Psionics) without being interrupted. You also need luck to trigger it and some higher level spells (Spark III+)

3) If you stick with the same units throughout the game, they will learn arts of course, and gain strength and thus become stronger. My Deacon (soldier you can hire at the start) does 20k damage with Dragon's Flight alone. I do hire new soldiers after certain story events, but I always tend to keep my BR low until I have all the soldiers I want.


1) (why not make it #4? >.<) You grinded at the wrong place, your morale needs to be near to zero for you to gain maximum advantage. I think Fornstrand and The Sixth Path don't. Also don't switch your whole setup. Chose what you want at the end, and build those characters up. I just started a new game and decided to use the same soldiers for my 2 combat unions, although I can't all hire them before Nest of Eagles, I will get them a.s.a.p. and never switch them again. I'm just before NoE now with BR 13 so they won't suffer a lot from the switch.

2) Ultimate Arts are basically only useful against The Fallen, The Absolute Conqueror and the DLC bosses. For the rest of the game, you don't even need them. Hell, I beat The Fallen without having any Weapon Art or Arcana (Arcana is useless against single enemies anyway) on my first try.

3) Again, stick to your units. They will probably have more hp than the new ones you can hire, if you grind right. Also, at certain BR's your soldiers will upgrade their equipment. On my main save I am BR 133 now, and my soldiers all have accessory that give +50% hp. This gave me a boost of like 1500-2000 hp per union in just a few BR's.

4) I had Caedmon in my reserve all the time too. All his stats (str, speed, etc) were about the same as the rest of my leaders. However, there was one stat that stayed behind: hp. While my Baulson had like 2200 hp, Torgal 2400, Caedmon only had 1300, that's even lower than my Emmy or Rush. I'm thinking this is because I haven't used him in my main team. Now, on my new save, Caedmon has about the same as Torgal and Baulson.

Trying the Ancient Ruins now is a bit late, you should have went there much earlier :P my first time was around BR 40.
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