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Please man don't tell me I screwed up before BR70, because it is true that before that I tried to link as much monsters as possible. Damn, this is messed up, it is said everywhere that you have to link like crazy to get the best items and capture monsters to split them. So I did... There is no way in Hell I am doing this game twice and putting with another 80 hours of "Come on out !" that make me want to kill someone

Even if I linked a lot before BR70, I didn't all the time and it couldn't be responsible for this huge gap in HP, could it ?

I don't get it, really... I haven't find anything hard up to now, and was surprised people said it was hard, but I have half the stats of some guys and now it is becoming hard. My fight against the Magick Idol at the end of Yuniver's quest lasted for 40 minutes...

For the Weapon Arts, trust me I look at the list every time I save lol Especially since I grind while watching 24
You don't have to dig much anyway. The only time I digged is when I needed specific components and on The Assistant side quest. I already got my 1000g and I am doing this game for a 3rd time now. I actually like playing this game and getting the best possible. My first playthrough I finished with a BR around 80 and I also only had 4000-4800 hp, I also linked everything possible. Then I overwrote that save seeing as I couldn't get all the achievements there anyway, and followed everyone's advice of not linking monsters. I ended up with the setup you've probably read about 5 times already on different threads :P

I like overpowering myself, so I play this game in a different way now. I load my save if I accidentally have to fight a monster I didn't have to fight. I only fight bosses and monsters I have to beat for side quests. Again, I am BR 13 now and just before NoE. I know skills like Mighty Smash IV on this BR lol.

BR 1 to 70 is a long way, so if you linked during that whole time I think it does mess up your stats a lot. I don't even get why people link, you don't need the money or components anyway... Just get your BR up and get your soldiers/leaders to upgrade their stuff. If you're already BR 100 with 4000 hp, I'd say start over because you will probably never beat the Absolute Conqueror... even with a 5 leader-only party like I did, you probably won't get over 7000 hp and that's about what his Obliterate III did to me if I wasn't lucky enough to dodge it. Starting over doesn't take that long if you just do the side quests and main story, without fighting anything else. Took me about 6-7 hours to where I am now.
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