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Originally Posted by CNash View Post
Some tips:

1.) Play level 38 of the main game. All of the other levels with sharks in them either have mines, jellyfish or the Shark King (who doesn't count as a shark). 38 has a lot of fish, but no hazards other than that.

2.) Once you're big enough to eat sharks, chow down. Try not to eat anything except sharks - although sometimes, it'll be too crowded to move without eating something else. Stay FAR away from the "Frenzy" bubbles that make you zoom around eating everything on the screen.

3.) Keep an eye on your growth meter. Once you've almost filled it, head down to the bottom of the screen, and let the oyster eat you. It's the only thing that can actually kill you on this stage when you're at your biggest.

4.) Repeat steps 2 and 4 as many times as you can. I usually manage two or three shark-eating sessions before I accidentally eat too much and end the level. I average 20-30 sharks per play.

Note: DO NOT, under any circumstances, eat a Shield bubble while large. If you have a shield, the oysters won't be able to kill you, and neither will anything else. The Shield is useful when you're trying to grow big, but make sure to lose it before you hit the third stage.
i got my achievement usin this method and i managed to eat 98 sharks in 1 run!!
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