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Originally Posted by Infinity Master View Post
Yeah man but when you say "just do the main story and the side quests"... well... yeah there isn't anything else to do lol nIt is going to take me at least 3 weeks to come back where I am right now, I don't know if I can endure that

I have refused to start again on Infinite Undiscovery just because Sigmund wouldn't give me his music note or whatever, and I missed one chest. ONE CHEST during the boss fight on the beach. Ridiculous...

EDIT : so if I have the heart and the balls to try it again, from scratch, what should I avoid, what places should I boost in, what places should I just run trough ? It would be a big help not to screw up again
If you want to do it like me:

- Only hire soldiers that can use herbs, and 1 in each union with lotions.
- For a mystic union have at least 1 lotion user also (unless your union leader learns lotions)
- Just run through the story fightning nothing until after Numor Mines (after that you can use 5 leaders and make 3 unions of 4)
- After that, grind from whatever BR you are to 30 in Blackdale Obsidian Trail
- Do every side quest available, I use this:
- You can basically beat disc 1 with this, after that, grind on disc 2 in The First Path until BR 50-70, not sure when morale goes up.
- Open Ancient Ruins, grind there a lot more if needed, else do side quests and continue the story.

I haven't actually tried it out yet, but it's what I'm planning to do now. I'm on BR 19 now. Still before NoE, doing side quests... almost done with them :P
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