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Ardorius : so according to you, my friend, I should just avoid every fight, dodge like crazy and only play the boss fights untill Heroic Ramparts ? And only do the missable quests, the one with Emma and the one with Baulson, and start real business from this point ? Man, is that even possible ? I know the game difficulty is BR related, but At one point or another, if I challenge Namul & Niram or a strong union (you can't dodge everybody) in Numor Mine, I am going to be killed in one blow, no ? But you idea is actually genious. I am at Ivory Peaks right now, haven't fought a single battle and I am BR 4 But I am weak. Seriously weak.

Eektor : as Ardorius said to me, I will say to you my friend : you're screwed. The stats you describe are EXACTLY mine at your level, and even if they allow you to progress without difficulty, they won't be enough for the Conqueror. If unlike me you go right now in Ancient Remparts and grind and upgrade your weapons with the save and reload trick, you may be strong enough for The Fallen and you will be able to reach 800/1000G.

Jrm : don't be like me (I mean stupid lol), I thought exactly what you are thinking "Hey, I keep getting 4-5 upgrades per fight and my Morale is in the middle, so it is working !". Well, it isn't. According to Ardorius and others, the amount you gain in your 4-5 upgrades isn't the same as it would be in the Ancients Ruins or Remparts or whatever, I play a lot of games and every game has fricking ruins or remparts So I did exactly like you, and I had 4-5 upgrades per kill for like 30 BR. And when I reached 100, I was more powerfull, but my HP sucked and it wasn't enough. So go to the Ancient Thingies and grind like a madman, forget the Xth paths.
Well I do all the side quests, also the non missable ones. That's why I'm BR 19 now, still before NoE. Just 2 quests to go in order to go on with the story. I didn't have trouble with Namul Niram at all, I basically used ''keep up your hp'' every round except for when I dodged one of his attacks. I used Hawk-Eye formation to make dodging more likely, too.

And you can dodge everything, just save a lot and reload xD at least that's what I do, but if you do fight every now and then it shouldn't mess up your stats anyway.
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