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Originally Posted by Fuzz83 View Post
you do see it a lot (me too when i first started using him). Now i do the YYXX, but then do sharingan. After that i dont need to do YYXX because doing subs and with sharingan a lot of people cant touch you.
You can substitue while using the Sharingan? I'm pretty decent at subs but I've never been able to pull one off during a Sharingan. >.>

As for that video I have two things to say. Most of those moves are pulled off in the middle of most peoples battle, the only thing new I saw in there was that wicked rotation during Sasukes fireball. xD And second...who is team Ishimura? >_>;;

Xbox Live avatars...proof that uncreative and lazy people are hard at work in Microsoft. Don't help put that extra dollar in Microsoft's pocket when they don't deserve it. Don't spend money trying to make something retarded look cool. Say no to avatars and avatar add-ons.

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