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Originally Posted by Tsukuyomi View Post
You can substitue while using the Sharingan? I'm pretty decent at subs but I've never been able to pull one off during a Sharingan. >.>

As for that video I have two things to say. Most of those moves are pulled off in the middle of most peoples battle, the only thing new I saw in there was that wicked rotation during Sasukes fireball. xD And second...who is team Ishimura? >_>;;
Sorry i meant in general, no i cant pull off subs while with sharingan. I meant that between doing subs and THEN having the sharingan a lot of people cant touch you, because if you dont block the sharingan picks it up, or you will automatically sidestep the last hit of a killer combo. I just use YYXX to get people away from me so i can do sharingan
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