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Originally Posted by Panda View Post
Rock Lee. Rock Lee. Rock Lee. Rock Lee. Rock Lee. Rock Lee. Rock Lee. Rock Lee. Rock Lee. Rock Lee.
I'm not saying Rock Lee is bad but everyone uses him, and because of that his moves have become very predictable.

As for you people that might have trouble with the Sharingan users, use Kimimaros forward XXYY. The animation where he pulls the bone saber out of his back causes Sharingan users to be FORCEFULLY frozen in place, thus vunerable to the ensuing saber stabs. Try it out, its why I love using Kimimaro against Sasuke, Itachi and Kakashi. Very good against those snobby people who think the Sharingan is a flawless and perfect ability. xD

Xbox Live avatars...proof that uncreative and lazy people are hard at work in Microsoft. Don't help put that extra dollar in Microsoft's pocket when they don't deserve it. Don't spend money trying to make something retarded look cool. Say no to avatars and avatar add-ons.

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