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For Postman achievement
the best way is to play basewar but the best map is RIVER RUSH(much shorter than highway 101)

For crossing the line
best way IMO:
Go to private match basewar and host river rush. Set point limit to 1.Then player 1 should wait at start and player 2 should go for flag. After capturing it player 1 steal flag and return it. It takes under one minute for 1 match. After that you can stay in lobby and start same match.
I hope you understand part about crossing the line

For beating champs
you have to win 35 races in the SAME CAR !!!
So if you win 30 races in one tuner car and another 30 races in second tuner car champ for this class won't challenge you. I sugest you to go to statistics and vehicle statistics and there when number of wins hits 35 you will get challenged by champ.
Hardest retail completed:
Ninja Gaiden 2(1250/1250)
Devil may cry 4 (1000/1000)

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