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Originally Posted by Pearson View Post
Once you enter into an Oblivion Gate you must fight your way to aspire within the gate. Once you reach the spire, you must enter the spire and fight your way to the top of the spire. Once you reach the top, you will see a crystal suspended at the top, then you will have to destroy this crystal and once destroyed this will close the gate. You will have to do this at each Oblivion Gate that you encounter. Hope this helps.
thanks friend your advices helped a lot

Originally Posted by Pearson View Post
As for the guilds, in order to join the Fighter's Guild you must speak with the guild master, she will tell you that you must speak to the person who oversees each guild in various cities. This person will send you out on a mission that you must complete for the guild. After you complete each mission you rise in rank within the guild. The Mages Guild is pretty much the same, you complete guild quests for each mages guild in various cities so that you raise in rank.
but about the guilds i dont know where i find the guild masters
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