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help 4 general RAAM, i have seen people complain about not being able 2 defeat RAAM well here is an easy way, have a torque bow because when you shoot the bow at him that will cause the kryll(those annoying birds who can only kill u if your in the dark) to get off of him then you will have some time to shoot him. i used the sniper and gave him a few good head shots but you dont have to. if your lucky you can make it to the back and use the turret to blast him to hell. or just stick with lancer assault rifle(chainsaw gun) dont go with the shotgun cause it is not long distance and you have to try to get as much shots off as u can so u can try to hurt him from far. i already beat the game on all three modes casual, harcore, and even on insane . but the best thing is that to stick with the torque bow and make sure to have plenty of ammo. if u have any questions reply . and if u think that my tips just suck ass let me kno, if u kno a better way let me kno.
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